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Hayes Modular Workforce Housing Services

Our modular workforce housing provides all the comforts of home for workers in remote locations, no matter where they are needed. We are a leader in the modular construction industry, with experience in building large complexes for the military and major industrial companies. We can supply any amount of modular housing in the shortest amount of time to provide a workable solution for companies that need workers on the job immediately. We have earned our position as the industry leader by providing a superior product on time and on budget every time.

Working with our manufactures, we prefabricate the highest quality modular workforce housing that is comfortable, well-designed and completely ready for occupancy. As commercial contractors, we have streamlined our production methods to eliminate waste and maximize value for housing at isolated or remote job sites.

Each unit of your modular workforce housing is completely built out with privacy areas, ample closets, storage space and any other requested configuration. Our manufacturing partners design and engineering staff is prepared to accommodate every requirement that adds to the functionality of your modular project. We can install quality buildings at any facility and any location in the United States, and they areĀ built to withstand all weather conditions. Workers are not inconvenienced in any way when they set up residence for brief or extended periods in our well-built housing.

We use either frame or steel construction methods in single-level buildings or multi-level complexes that are attractively styled and highly functional. Our experience in building modular offices, modular churches, modular warehouses and many other structures allows us to offer the most efficient and practical buildings for a variety of purposes. The buildings that we construct with our advanced technology are ready for occupancy in about half the time required for traditional construction. We have the experience and the expertise to provide quality construction for your remote work sites. To show how we can serve you, we provide a completely detailed proposal for your review and consideration. Contact us at Hayes Modular Group, Inc. at or at 512-276-1011 in Austin.

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