Hayes Modular construction services

Hayes Modular has successfully constructed residential housing and commercial structures since 1986. We have successfully constructed residential and commercial buildings all over the country. With our manufacturing partners we can design, build and ship wood and steel frame modular buildings nationwide.

Modular construction is quick, efficient and scalable

A modular building is one that is built in sections in a factory, and then transported to your building site. At the building site, we assemble your building quickly and efficiently. Military bases, schools, churches, apartments and homes have been constructed as modular buildings.

Some of the benefits of modular buildings are:

  • Less material waste than a conventional job site.
  • Each module is pre-built in a weather controlled environment.
  • Building is assembled on site by an experienced and licensed crew.
  • Wiring, plumbing, gas lines and interior are finished mostly in the factory.
  • Less exposure to the elements during construction.
  • Can be architecturally indistinguishable from surrounding structures.

Modular buildings are green friendly

Hayes Modular is located in Austin, Texas, one of the greenest and most eco-friendly cities in the U.S. This is reflected in all our modular buildings. Each modular building must adhere to strict energy efficiency standards.

Modular buildings are structurally superior

More framing is used in modular building construction than on a site-build structure, resulting in a six sided box with superior strength. The extra framing has an added bonus. It has a superior ability to withstand damaging weather. Modular buildings aren’t just stronger, they are also more energy efficient. It costs less to heat and cool modular buildings, as tighter building controls result in more energy efficient buildings.

Buildings can be constructed faster with modular construction methods. Adding on to a conventional building involves architects, contractors and intensive labor. In a modular building, once the additional foundation is poured, modules can be delivered and installed quickly.

In areas where construction is expensive due to roads, lack of power supply or other concerns, modular construction allows buildings to be assembled in a cost effective manner.

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