Completed Projects

  • Ft. Bliss

    Ft. Bliss When one of the largest modular projects ever in the military was awarded, Hayes Modular Group was brought in the execute the installation of  2400 floors over four contract periods. These 34 individual UEPH Buildings were equivalent in size to a 140 room hotel, and were erected at a rate of 1 building every 9 days. Hayes Modular was…

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  • West Campus Lofts

    For more details about this project and property, click here. To schedule a tour of this property, call 1-512-276-1011 Timelapse Video of the construction Project

  • Ft. Sam Houston

    Ft. Sam Houston Hayes Modular has erected over 1700 floors of four story product at Fort Sam in San Antonio, Texas. Built as permanent modular, these Medical Training Dormitories are the perfect solution for the growing needs of the military. This project was awarded in four different contracts, and with the team at Hayes Modular Group…

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  • Ft. Carson

    Ft. Carson Another monster project, another multiple contract award for Hayes Modular Group. When the modular industry needed over 1200 modules of four story permanent installation performed, the choice was clear and Hayes Modular Group was hired to install the project. With our construction management expertise, field execution expertise and our bonding ability,  the industry has chosen a clear…

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  • Ft. Bragg

    Ft. Bragg When the installation contractor who was awarded this project failed to perform, Hayes Modular Group was brought in to get the project back on tract. With less than a weeks notice, Hayes Modular Group was able to mobilize and execute the installation of this project. Working on 2 different job sites, Hayes Modular managed…

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  • Ft. Polk

    Ft. Polk At 335 floors, this project was no walk in the park. Although it was not as large as other projects, the challenges were extreme. The industry needed a contractor that could install 60,000SF per week, and the capable professionals at Hayes Modular Group were brought in to meet the accelerated schedule. And although the…

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  • Completed Projects List

      Job Location Floors Installed Description  SQ FT Ft Hood TX 22 Single Story Military Housing  17,600 Ft Irwin CA 70 Single Story Military Office/Laundry/Housing  56,000 Ft Lewis WA 368 Single Story Military Housing  294,400 Ft Richardson AK 340 Single Story Military Housing 272,000 Ft Bragg NC 764 Single & Two Story Military Housing  611,200…

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