Why MOD?

If you have resisted using modular construction for your next project, maybe you have not looked at it recently. Preconceived notions about modular construction are eroding as the industry claims a significant section of the construction market for well-deserved reasons.

Take a look at how the modular industry has changed from the one-size-fits-all box concept to modern methods used by Hayes Modular, the leader in the field. Using advanced technology, we can provide construction services faster and cheaper than other methods allow. We have years of experience in prefabricating single or multi-unit buildings for the military and major corporations all over the United States. We are experts in construction of commercial modular buildings that adapt to many purposes.

Here are reasons to use modular construction on your next project

  1. TIME – Things have changed in the building industry since you hired a carpenter to build a house on your lot. The laborious series of tasks that carpenters use take a lot of time and usually waste a lot of material. You can avoid both when you use our state-of-the-art facility for streamlined production of prefabricated housing.
  2. OPTIONS – Modular construction methods allow for a broad range of architectural designs and styles. Gone are the days of simple rectangular modular buildings. Experts in our Engineering Department utilize Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) to design the ideal modular building for your needs. Things have changed in the building industry since you hired a carpenter to build a house on your lot. The laborious series of tasks that carpenters use take a lot of time and usually waste a lot of material.
  3. ENGINEERING – There is no trial and error process with us. Your local carpenter has to improvise at least one work around to correct a mistake on plans. Our engineers study your plans extensively to make sure that you get a perfect building on time and on budget every time.
  4. QUALITY – Quality control is the name of the game in commercial modular construction. Production methods allow us to meet exacting standards that are far superior to those used for on site projects built one at a time. Local building inspectors look for code compliance but not for the level of quality that makes your project a top-notch job.
  5. STRENGTH – Our buildings are actually stronger and better than traditional housing structures. We do not use the platform method of construction that uses the ceiling of the lower unit as the floor for the upstairs. Our buildings are assembled as complete units ready for installation at your job site with double the support on floors and ceilings.
  6. COST – The amount of money you can save with modular construction is significant. You get the benefit of our quantity discount purchasing, and we pass along the savings to you. Couple this advantage with our labor and material-saving methods, and you can see your savings add up rather quickly.
  7. FEWER DELAYS – Our modular buildings are prefabricated in a climate-controlled environment that keeps all materials clean and dry. Traditional carpenters have many days when the weather shuts down progress and leaves materials wet and unusable. We give you a complete product that is delivered without delay.
  8. FASTER – Time to delivery is shorter than you may imagine with our commercial construction methods. Every minute of every day is productive time so we can move your project along at a pace that is not possible any other way.
  9. ECO-FRIENDLY – You help the environment benefit by using modular construction for your workforce housing requirements. We have minimized waste, so there are fewer materials to fill waste dumps. With quantity purchases, we can get better quality lumber from suppliers and further limit waste.
  10. ENERGY EFFICIENT – We can certify that your modular housing uses as much as 15 percent less energy than traditionally built housing. We conduct pressure tests on all HVAC elements to ensure their ability to meet superior standards, reducing your energy costs for years to come.

Contact Hayes Modular Group, Inc. at info@hayesmodular.com or 512-276-1011 in Austin to get a fully detailed proposal on your next project and start enjoying the benefits of modular construction.

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